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  1. Mohammad says:

    plz ! i need help ! Email me

  2. aurelio says:

    anyone knows how reset imaging unit counter?

    With 3 printers, if I try every imaging units on the first printer (that work correctly) they are ricognized right, while if I try the same parts on the others two, they aren’t recognized. So I assume that the imaging units are still good but the page counters about them reports that their life cicle is ended. How I can reset this information??? thanks in advance.

  3. João Fernandes says:


    I think your fluxogram regarding the clp-315 is partially right, because i have a clp-315 with all the original toners and i had refilled the black one already once, and i have printed around 1800 pages, i just had problems today.

    I will investigate what happened in my case. Right now i can’t print the summary page.

    • Francois says:

      If you refilled and got past the 1500 pages before being locked, the limit might just be a bit higher than 1500 prints. (because of factory test prints ?)

  4. Tony says:

    Hi my U1 chip is not a 24C64WP but a 4256BWP K003H will this mod still work,

  5. craig says:

    Hi, do you know if this mod works on a CLP-320 (New Dec 2011) many many thanks!

  6. Pablo Llorach says:

    Hello Francois, i am looking that you support the decklink outputo module for VLC, i want to talk to you about that.

    Can you give me an Email or a Phone so we can speak?

    Thanks in advance.

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