(English) Freeing the CLP-315 without modchip

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  1. Mohammad says:

    Hi, I was wondering since i live in some country, I couldn’t find the chip to buy !
    Is there any another way to solve this ??

  2. Mohammad says:

    My printer was new and 100 pages the most print i had with it.
    I have Write Protected the IC as you said.
    There’s one problem . Before i write protected the yellow cartridge has been emptied and gave me the warning to replace it. I still get that warning ! What should i do ?

    • Francois says:

      < >
      If the yellow toner was empty before WP, you need a chip.
      (and means you did not fully read this article)

      • Jabba says:

        It also means your printer wasn’t new and with less than 100 pages, how the hell would you use a whole yellow toner in less than 100 pages?

        I did mine and they yellow needs replacing, so what I still haven’t replaced it as there is much more toner in it. I will use it till I get some toner for it, ya the light blinks but who cares the printer is in the next room.

  3. Arturo says:

    Hello Francois
    Nice post!. Can you post your OS version from your tested printer? (you can tell by printing your Configuration Report). I have V1.01.11.52 May-01-2009. I’m pretty sure Samsung is aware of this and maybe (just maybe) Samsung can implement a routine to check if eeprom is tampered by writing some data and reading it to make sure eeprom is writable (again just my guess). About your assumption to rewrite IC is posible but I think each printer is unique and serial number is there. This is a IC dump posted by someone: ***
    Hope it helps.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Marco R. says:

    Hi !!!

    I have a CLP315 with firmware V1.29.11.52 and I have already printed about 200 pages using original toner cartridge.

    Do you know if this modify works with my printer?

    Thank you,

  5. Aaron says:

    Looks like this will not work for CLP-315W users since the wifi details are stored in the EEPROM as well. For reference, my November 2009 CLP-315W has a ST 4256BWP instead of the more common 24C series.

    • george says:

      My CLP-315W Jan 2010 has an ST 4256bwp also. I have v1.01.01.58(LF) (written on chip ie not 11) clp-315W /xaa If the wi fi parameters are already written to the eprom, maybe you can disable write access if you are not going to change anything (ie use the same ip address). I also see that if the not wr pin (7) is not grounded it assumes you can write. It is only when put on vcc that you cannot write. Thus, if the wire is soldered as described, but broken when the wifi parameters are changed, perhaps you can still change the wi fi. ie that little orange wire could be cut in the middle if wifi changes, and resoldered so the count does not increment. I tried lifting the pin, but think I need a smaller pin/to pry it off. (a jewellers screwdriver is not fine enough) I probably have some wirewrap kynar 30gauge wire but i am not sure i can slip it under the pin to make the lasso. Will try.

      Has any one tried this fix on a version as late as I have? ie the so called third version?? (after july 2009)

      Also, do you think the counter for the black toner is 2000 before it locks up,or just 1000??

      • Francois says:

        Could you post the 4256bwp datasheet link ? I was unable to get any info for this one (alldatasheets or st ref search).

      • Francois says:

        The lasso technique is easier and maybe safier, as a screwdriver might apply some pressure on other pins or break the pin with too much pull off.

        Just start creating a small hook around another kynar wire. Then cut it in half. That part will easily pass behind the pin and you’ll then be able to pull the full wire with another tool. The hardest part being pulling horizontally while heating.

        • george says:

          Good explanation.. re lifting. However I already used little tool to pry, and you are right, i am left with a little stub, and not the whole pin. However, since i’m only going to the next pin, I should be able to just use a blob of soldier. I know I cannot heat it too high. However, so far, I just removed pin 7 from the ground leaving it unconnected, and decided to reassemble the printer to see if the unit still worked as my hypothesis above. It works fine but still counts. The next step is to soldier blob it and see if that still works, and if not, suck the blob off, and report.

          The data sheet for the M24C64 also states that unconnected allows writing. As far as the data sheet reference you asked about, you are right, I did not get the exact sheet. The chip on my board has a date code of 9544 (ie made in 1995), so this part has been around a long time. I got the data sheet for what appears the same pinout m24256bw. This chip was introduced in 2000 or so. My logic (flawed as it may be) is that much like the 286 was a superset of the 86 (8086) , so was this an improvement to the 4256 (or maybe just a clarification of the m2 technology used so all chips with the m2 technology started with m2) . This chip is 4 times the bits as the m24c64. So if chips on both sides of the one we have have the same specs (except for memory), I figured this would also.


          Francis, I think you may have made an slip of the pen on the 310N advice below. IT is in the same box etc as the clp310, and I think it has the same cartridges as that rather than the 300 unit(which i have never seen).. Mr. M, why not slip the cover off and check the board out, before you give up. THere is already a reference above to the 300 mod but it seems to require programing the chip.

          • george says:

            OK I poked a 30gauge wire under pin 8 hitting the stub of pin 7 and soldiered pin 7 and under pin 8, then clipped the wire.

            The unit now seems to work ok, and prints ok and increments the counters, but when power is put back on, the counters go back to their previous setting.ie it works.. The wi fi operation still works.

            Since I broke the pin, it will be harder to change the wi fi settings etc in the future. However, I will just leave the unit in one place.

            I guess in retrospect I could have tried to leave the insulation on the wire 30 gauge wire, and only soldier pin 7 stub, then loop the wire around to go to pin 8, thus allowing
            disconnection for temporarily writing to update the wifi independent of fiddling around with the pins.. and any other settings stored there.. however , i am not sure there was really enough room to fit the insulated wire under pin 8, as it seemed a snug fit when I tried before. (but Frances was able to do this as I understand)

            If the green light just blinks, I found the plug on the bottom front going to the front panel had slipped out (giving me a scare that it did not work ). Before you make the mod, note carefully the blinking of the lights that goes on before the unit is ready at power on. Then if there is any change, you can use that as a possible guide to what is wrong..

            now another question..(and i assume the answer is yes) With this mod, can I just let the colors run out before refilling, or will something bad happen if I am a bit sloppy on wanting to get the last bit of toner out of the colors?? hopefully the levels are based on the count rather than an actual measurement, which would cost a bit in electronics I suppose . Like i might just refill the black, and if i really want another color, swap toner units with another unit that has some toner left. I am using so little color (maybe a line in red etc), that i hope the color toner will last a long time.

            Thanks frances

            george– toronto

          • Francois says:

            You can estimate your print count if your print server provides those stats. Otherwise, estimate your print rate and check for replacement or refill toners periodically.

  6. Mr M. says:

    I have the 310N (network) printer any idea if this will work on this printer? I’m in about 250 pages and yellow is about 30% remaining…

    • Francois says:

      CLP310N has chip on toner side only, so it can’t work. See the clp300 methods.

      • Mr M. says:

        huh well that sucks, the toner carts that I have in it right now do not have chips, but I’m sure when I run out and have to buy new ones they will have chips. I thought this printer was identical to the 310 except that it has a network connection. and same as 315 only color. guess I was wrong. do you have a link to any of the 300 methods? thanks.

    • Mr M. says:

      Ya I kinda figured, thanks, my printer looks identical to the one in the video above, just that it’s more of a white/gray color… I’ll get busy on the mod in the next few days and report back.

  7. george says:

    Thanks to your advice, I have not made the mod and my counters are not incrementing.

    I have noted your suggestion to watch the number of copies by a server count, or other estimate (I guess I can count the reams of paper I stick in the printer). This is ok for black.

    However, I am curious as to what additional toner lever detecting is in place, and what happens if it goes low. I have done some reading on google, and it appears that some printers have atdc (automatic density control), that makes sure the right amount of toner is on the roller. If too little, the charge is presumably increased , if too small lowered (or some other method to control the flow. If too little and it cannot be increased, the control circuit figures the toner is empty, and normally shuts things down until the toner is replentished. … what happens in the case of the clp 315??? Does everything lock up and adding toner is futile?? (this is not on your flow chart–which is very good)

    Secondly, there is, on a normal clp315 an indicator that indicates when we are at the 25% level. Is this done with the counter? ie has this been disabled? or will i still get a 25% indicator. How is this implemented?

    Since I print very little color, it will be almost full I think. Can I tell if the toner is full when I fill it (ie how much should i put in ?). If the 25% thing works, then i should be ok if i have spare toner. Can i measure the level as with a dip stick on a car. I see no need to throw out all the old toner as some instructions state, since, in my case it will probably be almost completely full (for colors when there may only have been a couple of red lines for example)


    • Francois says:

      I can’t deplete my toners to give you the answer, but i guess the system would either issue an error (cleareable with a poweroff) or print blank pages if toner is empty.
      And you’ll probably get no 25% level warning.

      If you want to refill before it is empty:
      – The black toner holds 68 grams
      – A color toner holds 45 grams
      A digital scale and the original toner will help you then.

      You probably don’t want to measure levels, as toner powder is highly toxic (and samsung wants you to throw them when not empty…). The less you have to handle it, the better.

      • george says:

        A digital scale is a good idea to avoid overfilling espec on color if you are topping up each time. However, if this chip is the only place that stuff can be stored across a power down, then I guess I am safe from the toner empty forcing me to pay (and pay) for the chipped toner cartridge (which was my main concern). Therefore,maybe i’ll just let the toner run out or get streaky.

        I guess i was a bit nervous because Some of the messages from the toner refill sellers imply that things can shut down after 3 refills or so, but perhaps that is just the original 1000 limit, and a misunderstanding how the unit works, or based on the way versions before some date worked.

        THey also say sometimes you have to refill before it is empty, but that may be based on early versions of the printer that did not have this 1000 limit, and perhaps there was something else stored in the chip we have now disabled (like an indication of a toner being empty) , so we make this point moot for all versions of the printer.

        Since the drum is separate, that bodes well for the toners to just be refilled and refilled like 10 times.which I can never seem to do for my black only combined units.

        Now, I have to find spare toner.. I think i should get a larger jar, which means ordering some other brand of refill.(some lexmark or hp ones are 160 grams color) They are probably all the same anyway..(I hope)–besides you can adjust the color in the software if they are not (that is getting past hope to fairy tales eh 😉 ) But why can’t you just empty the waste toner container–espec on this unit..how gullible are we customers (or is there something i don’t know). I know that murphy’s law means something else will likely go wrong anyway.

        george -toronto

        • Francois says:

          Refilling is not mandatory.
          You could just fully use your toners, and then replace them with new ones having their chip removed/taped. If not counting pages allows you to print 1250 pages, you still save 25% on the toner price.

  8. aurelio says:

    samsung clp-315

    anyone knows how reset imaging unit counter?

    With 3 printers, if I try every imaging units on the first printer (that work correctly) they are ricognized right, while if I try the same parts on the others two, they aren’t recognized. So I assume that the imaging units are still good, but the page counters about them, reports that their life cicle is ended. How I can reset this information???

  9. Adrian says:

    Thanks for this, Francois. I have tried this mod (disconnecting pin 7 and connecting to pin 8) on my clp-315w which has chip 4256bwp. The lasso works well when it is dragged along the surface of the board. I practised on a chip with identical legs to the 4256 which I found in a dead low energy bulb. Just as well, as I messed up a few before perfecting the technique. The counter now resets after power off always giving me 400 pages to go before the dreaded 1000. The low toner warning lights keep flashing despite refills, but that’s just a minor irritation at the moment. So, nice work and thank you for sharing it with the world.

    • Adrian says:

      That smiley face was meant to be an “8”, an eight (in case it changes it again).

    • dave says:

      I have a CLX-3175FW with this 4256 chip. Which pin is pin 7

      I connected what I thought were pins 7 and 8 but now all I get is invalid toner and replace every other component ie fuser, belt, roller.

      Any help would be nice.

      Thanks in advance

  10. Eric says:

    I have a CLP-315W purchased September 9th, 2009 from Newegg; it has the 4256 chip.

    Here is the page count:

    Yellow (original, chip-less): 930, 7%
    Magenta (original, chip-less): 929, 8%
    Cyan (original, chip-less): 928, 8%
    Black (refill, has chip): 372, 74%

    As you can see, I’m finally running low on all my color toner, but I don’t want to pay $150 to refill them all, so I went on eBay and bought a mod chip and toner from TonerTrust. I installed the mod chip, but I could only use WEP and the settings were lost upon power cycling the printer, so I’m going to return it but keep the toner. I’m now looking for another way to bypass Samsung’s counter and be able to use the toner I already purchased.

    I know this page suggests using a mod chip for someone in my position, but I’d prefer to stay away from that since it’s really tricky on my version of the printer with the chip being so close to another connector and I’m afraid it’s just going to muck with my wireless settings again.

    I was able to find some aftermarket chips for the CLP-315W (see link below), but before I buy them I’d like the advice from people on here who know more than I do. Will they work? Could I reprogram them, similar to what was done for the CLP-300 on another page? See below for link

    Toner chip that didn’t work:

    Chips I’m wondering about:

    Reprogramming aftermarket chip for CLP-300:

    Thanks in advance,

  11. David says:

    Thanks for the info, I purchased a 310N refurbished and write protected the chip as described, works perfect, my only problem is knowing when to refill the cartriges, I will refill when I guess the count is approx 700 pages. but if anyone has any better ideas. Please share. perhaps weighting the cartriges ocasionally?

  12. john says:

    Thanks for lot of information about refiling chip about cartridges. This website is most detailed website about Samsung’s refiling cartridges mod.
    I have some questions about cartridge reset chips. That chip has serial number inside right ?
    When you use it 1000 pages you have to change with a new chip that has a new serial number. It’s approximately $15 per cartridge.
    If it’s like that –> It gives me a brilliant idea.
    1 cartridge’s chip is $15. 4 color cartridge’s chip $60 plus toner costs $110. Still expensive.
    Every refill you need a new chip. But your old chip is known for only your printer. So still it can be used for someone else because it has a different serial number.

    So the question is if the cartridge chip has a counter in it ?

  13. roberto.giusti says:

    witch kind of protection have SCX-5530?? and witch kind of chip is used?

  14. Tilver says:

    Sweet! I recently got a new CLP-310 for 50$, but was not sure whether or not to go ahead with the toner chip. I was going to become patient to get cheaper more elegant solution.

    Your solution is not only ingenous, but also simple and inexpensive.

    As for desoldering, I will have to see with my own eyes, but I usually put more solder on the target then use the pump. The increased mass retains temperature a little longer making the pump able to take out more of the solder.


    • Francois says:

      First, this isn’t -my- solution as the idea is originally from a russian forum post. I just confirmed it works and guessed what kind of hacks chip makers were really providing.

      The pin is originally soldered with a non lead solder. Your own solder will need the same melting temperature.

    • Tilver says:

      I spoke too soon. I was about 65% of Black toner left when I tried this, but now all my toners are written invalid. A multimeter confirmed that pin 7 is not connected and I used Isopropyl alcohol to clean around the chip. I wonder if it overheated in the soldering process even though I was only using a 30W iron.

      Another possibility of error, which should be confirmed by the datasheet, is I had mistakenly soldered pins 5 and 6.

      I will see how much it cost to get a new chip, if not I will have to try the other solutions above!

      Kicking myself!

  15. phsien says:

    Hi Francois,

    My color cartridges page count is approximately 950 while the black cartridge page count is 592.

    The color cartridges are chipless while the black is with a chip. Can I still do the mod?


    • Francois says:

      Probably won’t work as blocking counter won’t block the black toner chip from incrementing. I think taping/removing the toner chip won’t help either, because the printer firmware will require the registered black toner. :/

  16. Steffen says:

    I have exceeded the 1000 pages, so I’m wondering about ways to reset the toners instead:

    Even though the printer stores counters in both toner and IC, why not change the count in the toner EEPROM while also changing the toner ID number (CRUM #). Then the printer will think that this is a completely new and different toner, I guess?

  17. Ludo says:

    Thanks a lot for this article, i juste bought a CLP 315W
    I didn’t understand if the 1000 pages is for 1 toner or is global.
    because i have:
    Total Page Count : 4371 / 7 Page(s) (Color/Mono)
    Toner Image Count :
    ( Yellow / Magenta / Cyan / Black ) 740 / 738 / 738 / 738 Page(s)

    Can i do the Mod or not ?

    • Francois says:

      Counters are chips on toners and registers on flash: 1 counter per toner.
      You have 4000+ page count and toners showing 700, including 700 pages for a total of 7 colour prints. Something is wrong with your counters.

  18. Ludo says:

    Thanks for you reply, and apologies for the delay of mine :)
    here are the counters today, i’ve just rebooted the printer to be sure
    Total Page Count : 4372 / 8 Page(s) (Color/Mono)
    Toner Image Count :
    ( Yellow / Magenta / Cyan / Black ) ( 741 / 739 / 739 / 740 ) Page(s)

    Something is very strange,
    It sasy that i’ve printed 1 more Color page (and so it is ok for the colors toner +1 on each
    And 1 more black (from 7 to 8) but the toner count 2 more black.
    I’m clueless …

    Do you have an idea ?

    • Francois says:

      When you print a color page, it also contains black, and uses the black toner… so it counts it as 1 black too.
      Counters works the way it should. But you didn’t told, I now guess and i’m afraid your printer isn’t a new one. You have 4372 pages printed and must have already depleted the original (shipped with, chipless) toners.
      Check your toners: The right toners have no chip contacts, only a brown plate (where the door pins contacts lands).

  19. Ludo says:

    I have Chips then on my toners,
    The pins contacta actually lands on connectors.

    it’s a second hand, so i wanted to be sure :)
    I’m good for buying a ship i guess ??

  20. Nikos says:

    I own a clp 315

    Hallo again.

    I have a new clp 315 printer.
    install date 2009 6 6
    From the factory as you know , it doesn’t have chips at toners.
    But i bought one new, with chip inside , when the black one finished.
    Is this affect your method, when i do it , inside the printer?
    if i do this mod, fill the old toner, and put it back, is this going to work?
    Total page count 363/272

    Thanks for your time.

  21. Nikos says:

    Isn’t the counter locked when had the new toner with the oem chip installed?
    It really going to work?

    • Francois says:

      If the flash is protected before any chipped toner is inserted, it won’t require chipped toner.
      If the flash is protected, it can’t increase counts.
      The only counter increase can be done in the toner if it has a chip.
      Tape the toner or remove the chip, so it can’t increase.

  22. Nikos says:

    It seems to work fine.
    Thanks a lot.
    The only thing is that the low level led of black is flashing.
    In the memory the last mesurment is 9 % of black.
    Is this a problem?
    How many continues prints i have , when shutdown requires?
    Total page count 365/272 now.

    635? or infinitive?

  23. This is all very interesting. I made the mod in my CLP-315 which had not run low on toner, and has the chipless original toner cartridges. It is resetting the count back to whatever it eas at the time of the mod on power on. I would really like to have an accurate toner level display in the smart panel. I wonder if this si possible via adding resettable chips to the toner cartridges or something.

    I also wonder if the toner chips (Black, Cyan, etc.)have the ability to actually measure the toner level, or if they are just glorfied page counters. My thoughts were to change the mod from tying WC high, to an external switch to allow or disallow writing. (Tie the pin either high or low). Then resettable toner cartridge chips which could be reset when toner is refilled. Then set the switch to allow writing into the chip to reset page count to zero. And let either the Cartridge chips to measure toner level, ot let the mainboard chip count pages, based on how the printer actually works.

  24. Anseeuw Karel says:


    I had two of the modchips laying around. Because you got me curious I decided to crack them open

    This is what I found

    *Turkish 5 wire chip: 24c64 chip
    5: green wire 4: yellow wire
    6: white wire 3: \
    7: \ 2: glass wire
    8: blue wire 1: /

    7 is welded together with 8
    1 ,2 and 3 are als welded together

    *Chinese 3 wire chip: unidentifiable chip (smaller than turkish ship)

    5: nothing 4: nothing
    6: nothing 3: nothing
    7: green wire 2: nothing
    8: black wire 1: red wire

    I just have bought a eeprom programmer/reader, I will try to read them out and post the results.

  25. Bob says:

    Worked awesome! I had only printed a couple hundred pages on my printer so I just had to WP the chip. THANKS!

  26. pb says:

    This works perfectly on the CLP 315W/XAA model, manufactured in January 2010 with OS V1.01.01.56.W. The wireless works after the mod as long as it was fully setup before beginning the mod. As pointed out by others the 315W model uses 4256BWP eeprom at the U1 position. The pinout is the same. Just lift pin 7 from the pad and tie it to pin 8 with a jumper per the original instructions. My pad lifting technique involves adding new silver solder to pad 7 first and then using desoldering wick, I wick up the new and old solder together. I then used a fine needle to lift pin 7 from the pad. Checkout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXvnrHrZJ7A on how to cleanly and permanently insulate the toner cartridge eeproms.

    Could someone please post a free link to the file CPL-315W.BIN found at http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic1093978-180.html&ei=hQmfTY_JDcLg0QGU09D_BA&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCsQ7gEwAg&prev=/search%3Fq%3D4256bwp%2B315w%26hl%3Den%26prmd%3Divns or any other dump of a 315W eeprom. Cheers

  27. sonhja says:

    Wow, I will try this method for sure!! I will post something when I get the material and practice a little bit. And well, if I break it… I have another one the same xDD


  28. Andrew says:

    I have the CLP-315 and also want to be able to refill my toner. How exactly am I supposed to check for the page count? The Samsung Smart Panel only shows like a bar for Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow, with the except of the black, are all about half as long as the box it’s in. (I had to replace the Black already because it printed very lightly in the middle of the pages, so that bar is closer to 75%). So far it has never given a toner low warning, and if I go into Printer setting (from the smart panel) I can only see the following:
    Fuser 2450
    Transfer Roll 1306
    Tray1 Pickroll 1312
    Imaging Unit 2480
    Transfer Belt 2480
    Nothing actually shows how much each cartridge printed.
    Is it possible I’m still under 1000 and can still freeze the chip at my state?
    I stuck some tape on the cartridge for my black toner and it shows this tiny little bar, so I’m guessing I’m still under 1000?

    • Francois says:

      Once your chipped cartridge is inserted, its number gets written to the printer chip and you’re done :/
      Hold down the printer power button for full status/prints count.

  29. kraker says:

    I think I have bricked my CLP-315W.
    The 315W has another eeprom chip then the 315.
    Probably the need more space for saving the wireless network settings in them.

    All my color toners had printed 960 pages and are chipless.
    My black toner is a new one with chip.
    But the black toner was still named CRUM-00000000000 in the report. So I think the look only at the color toners.

    I first printed the inside toner counter values out by pressing the button for 3 seconds.
    You need to add those 2 sheets to the black page counter.

    I translated those values to HEX values and soldered my buspirate to the chip.

    I first read out the complete chip (32768 bytes) as a backup.
    Then I searched for those 8 bytes (2 bytes for each toner) and change them all to 0x00 0x00.

    Then I turned the printer on and all leds lights up.

    In my samsung smart panel: All toners are exhausted and even the black toner with chip is now suddenly an “illegal toner”

    So I decided to write those bytes back to there original values, but that doesn’t work.

    So the question now is, did I brick the printer or is printer ok if I put in new toners?

    Probably the printer is now in the same state as if he exceeded the 1000 pages limit.
    The EEPROM has exact the same content as before, so I think there is another eeprom on the board that remembers all the toner numbers etc.

    Anyone a suggestion how I can change my printer back to the point before the 1000 pages limit?

    Anyone an idea if the toner chips content is changeable?
    Maybe I can change my CRUM number of the black toner so my printer thinks it is a new one?

    Does anyone have a CRUM number of a black toner for me?

    • Francois says:

      Tape the toner chip & reset printer chip to the saved state ?
      You shoudln’t have tried running the printer with a writable/chipped toner.

  30. kraker says:

    How can I reset the printer chip to the saved state?
    The Eeprom chip still has exact the same content as before the hack.

  31. Cypher says:

    Thank you so much for showing this wonderful method. I tried it immediately to my CLP-315.

    I have to admit I am not good with soldering. I managed to ply out the pin and bend it to the pin 8, then I dropped a blob of solder on both pins. It was ugly but an easy fix nonetheless. Everything was done in 5 minute, including the time of opening the covers.

    Now I see how stupid I am. The black toner was almost out. The configuration report shows that it reached 941 already. I guess from now on I might have to reset the machine every 60 pages.

    There is a little thing I want to add. In Youtube there is a Russian video showing the same method. All is same except in the end the Russian guy tape all the metal pins which connect to the cartridges, so no signal can pass to the cartridges. I think it’s a good safety precaution: this way the printer cannot “kill” the cartridge even when their page counts are over the limit. I taped the little circuit board myself, and it works. Even though the printer cannot talk to the cartridges, somehow it still use the data stored in the chip, and print pages as usual.

    The link to the youtube video:

  32. Cypher says:

    To Kraker:
    You know that the data in the chip might be encryted, right? Samsung made the clp-310 and found out that some smart guys started to make modchip for it, so started with clp-315 they encrypted the data in the cartridges. The chip might have the same data in the cartridge, also encrypted.
    Since those data is encrypted, your method won’t work. The bad data from the chip might corrupt the data in the cartridges too. The data in the cartridges can only be changed by the printer. So maybe you have to get new cartridges in order to fix the whole thing.

  33. Hair says:

    Works like charm! Made it at clp-315.

  34. solarwind says:

    Hi, what is the chip on the toner cartridge for the CLX-3175 (NOT the one inside the printer, but the one on the toner cartridge itself)? Rewriting the serial number onto that should do the trick.

  35. timo says:

    i wrote my own article in german!
    Visit http://www.grootoonk.net for more informations!
    Feel free to comment!


  36. john says:

    does the pin 7-8 mod works also on:

  37. yam says:

    @john :
    I own a clx-3185.
    I tried to solder pin 7 to Vcc of the eeprom 24c64 but unfortunately toner counters seem to be stored somewhere else.
    Setting pin 7 to Vcc only prevent the other counters from being increased (drum, transfer belt, etc).

    Im currently trying to look at the chip besides “92121 Q121″. Seems to be another good place to store these counters..

  38. john says:

    about CLX3175 on this spanish site is looks like it works

    also i’ve found this solution to reset clx3175 from mantainance menu but it doesent seems to work on my 3175:

    Menu-Copy ID-LEFT-RIGHT-MENU-BACK password 1934

  39. Wallace says:

    This is awesome! And I can’t believe my hack-job actually worked! I cut the 7th pin with an exacto knife and just soldered a 1/4 inch long copper wire (from a network cable) across the two pins. My black page-count now resets to 888 ages after a power cycle… so I can print about 120 pages before I need to power the baby down. I can live with that. I also taped the initial toner’s contact points just in case. I will report back in a few months on my mileage… Now off to eBay to buy some toner powders! THANKS!!!

  40. electrocamel says:

    Hello !

    Many thanks for your advices, just to say that i successfully hacked my CLP310, OS v

    The big thing is that the page counters were beyond the 1000 limit for the hack you described. So my research was about making an “eternal” chip with all the infos I found on the web…

    So I disconected the 5,6,7 and 8 pins off the 24C64 then connected them to a serial to I2C homebrew interface (inspired by the diagram with a 7404 found here : http://www.chiprecharge.com/hardeng.html).
    The printer was unpowered of course, and I read and saved the dump in a file with Ponyprog (ie it is working ! YES !!!) and then reprogammed it with a “fresh” dump you can find here : [url=http://uploading.com/files/4d13m8d6/CLP310_Hack1.bin/]CLP310_Hack1.bin – 8.0 KB[/url] (it comes from a registrered polish forum, so I uploaded it there to make it easier 😉 )

    After that, I resoldered the 5, 6 and 8 pins, and made the bridge between the 7 and 8, as described in your paper.

    And now, I don’t mind about the cartridges chip as the printer “think” it is brand new ! lol ! My original 24c64 is now a “forever” one !

    I noticed, after this operation, that my olds cartidges, said to be empty, are now recucited !

    So, it is possible to make this hack even if your counters are beyond the 1000 limit, it’s just a little bit trickier than your explanations, just a question off soldering and electronic skills,
    patience, and good lenses to see EXACTLY what you do !

    Hope this will help other CLP 310/315 users !

    Best regards


  41. iea says:

    I saw http://recart.org/classified_images.php?id=118&classified_id=53
    this is a reset chip of some manufactur.
    I think cartridges chip´s of clp-310/315 are a mod pin out of chip´s clp-300, you see.


    on this German :
    they are some adres of hexadecimal reset cartridges

    On this forum
    all in one!, but you can see i don´t write English and Google, is bad translator, Russian?
    On one answer a technical man talk about, soldered the eprom and soldered, another, witch 00000, and start the printer, then, it the printer generate, brunt a new factory eprom, them save this in hex in the original 24CXX, i don´t stand the translation of google!!!
    on this www spake about backup the eprom

    Some backup the original hex of CLP315, port the firmware version please.
    And the hex of four colors and the memory adress, id cartridge..

  42. colin burn says:

    Great fix. I did it on my printer whan I’d done 750 copies. Unfotunately, due to a typo, I then asked for 300 copies to be printed. Nothing I could do could stop the process, except to turn of. Afterwards, the printer was locked out, even though only 30 copies were actually printed. All the readouts still show 750, but presumably the 1000 count was recorded somewhere. What next? presumably I’ll have to fit a chip, unless someone knows how to poke a reset into the memory?

  43. Bugatti59 says:


    I have a CLP315 with firmware V1.29.11.53 Oct-10-2009 and has blocked the original black toner cartridge.

    Do you know if this change works with my printer?

    Thank you,

  44. bugatti59 says:

    I appreciate help please
    I have a CLP-315 v1.29.11.53 with original toners and black toner is over and the printer stopped.
    I’ve read several posts here and I tried to reset the 24C64 chip.
    I’ve tried multiple dumps but I think that none should be compatible with this firmware.
    Now the clp-315 performs the routine to get ready, but the LED is always red.
    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  45. randelk says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive posting of this solution. I just tried it on my CLP-315. It worked like a charm. Fortunately I found your post when I was only 50% through the start up cartridges, so lots of pages left. Incidentally, the circuit layout on my machine differs slightly from what is pictured, but the particular chip is still there (although in a smaller surface-mount format which made soldering a bit trickier but still possible). Does anyone happen to know the typical lifespan of the other consumables (fuser, transfer roller, tray roller and transfer belt). Cheers

  46. Rich says:

    Excellent post. What you describe for the 310/315 and whole family is exactly the same for the 3175 and family of printers. There are a couple of different chips used to store the settings (the ST 4256BWP being the later and smaller version of the original 24V64). Unfortunately, my lovely English CLX-3175FW can’t be bought in NZ where we now reside, and we had to leave our perfectly good toners behind due to import laws. The toners that they sell here have a different chip on them, even though they are physically identical, so, as we’ve done a fair few more than the 1000 pages, we’re going to have a go at the re-programming option. If you’re not up to making you’re own chip reader a’la;
    There’s a reasonably priced one available here;
    http://www.sivava.com/EPROM_Programmer_4.html (but please note that this is designed for the earlier 24C64 chip, so I’m going to need a converter (whoops, should have opened the printer up first). Both chips are available to purchase in blank form, so I’m going to make sure I’ve got some spares before I do any of the modifications on the various forums such as;
    This is all for the 3175, but as it’s supposed to work with both chips, there’s a fair chance (anyone know any better?) that these settings are common to most of the Samsung range. Provided you fit a little ‘adapter’ to you’re main board, rather than doing all that re-soldering, you can plug and play until you’ve got the right settings (as it’s just a simple memory storage chip). I’ll let you know how I do with my little project for my printer – but thanks for the excellent detailed post.

  47. Giel says:

    I have a clp-315. Despite that the counters for the yellow, magenta, cyan are exceeding 1000 pages, and the remaining toner equals 0% I can still print. The leds of these colors are red, and the normal green led is also flashing red.

    I have my printer connected to a QNap-NAS with an USB cable. I suspect (just a guess) that since the drivers are not running on my NAS but on my PC, and I have only a one-way direction connection to the printer, the printer is not blocked and I can just print. I my guess is correct, this means that the blocking behaviour is controlled from the drivers.

    • JQ says:

      Unfortunately, no … yours will lock out. Mine just did. It printed like that for a year. It locked out around 2000 pages. 2002 I think.

      Do the mod before it does, or you’ll be in my boat.

      Eventually the green goes red and it’s all over.

  48. paul says:

    if the chip of 24c64 is changed to weld new same one, so it goes on?

    do i the 24c64 chip is programed on it special program?

  49. Phil says:

    Only 1 problem I can find after doing this. Every time you power off the printer the Fuser Life, Transfer Roller Life, Tray Roller Life Transfer Belt Life and Imaging Unit Life stay the same and don’t increase (unless you leave the printer switched on all the time). Bad move if you want to know when it is time to replace parts.

  50. Dave says:

    I had my CLP-315W firmware upgraded last year to allow me to refill the toners without the need for a reset chip on each cartridge. That works fine, the toners return 10 100% after each power down. Alas the printer has stopped working because as far as it is concerned the Imaging Unit has reached the end of its life (counter is at 24007).
    Although the page count is nearly 6000 I thought I would give this mod a try as it might reset the Imaging Unit counter back to zero. Unfortunately it has not.
    Does anyone know how to reset the Imaging Unit?
    With or without this mod the printer will not work. As the price of the Imaging Units is so high it looks like the more economical solution is to buy a new or nearly new printer.

  51. leeladhar says:

    i my 315 printer reach over 1000 pages. message will display “yellow toner carriage exhausted” .
    than i try to solve it by ur suggestion “unsolder the pin 7 and connect with 8th pin by a wired” but i can’t solve it, plz suggestion to me in details plz plz.

  52. Clay says:

    Thanks all for the info.

    I think I got this but I want to make sure before I try the mod. The keys are that I must have under 1,000 “Page Count” and no prior mod or chips? Am I right about this/okay, if so I am good to go/try this?

    I believe 1,000 Page Count is identified under each color, yellow, magenta, cyan, and black? But there are other counts… My Image Count is 6535, my Color Simplex Print Count is 1050… Since I am under 1,000 in “Page Count” for each color I should be okay?

    Other info regarding my CLP315, red light blinking, no prior mods or chips, black page count shows 920 pgs, CRUM-0, Zero Percent(“0%”) toner remaining (although I refilled it). All other colors show page count of 546 pgs, and about 60% toner remaining.

    Please let me know if you think I am okay to do this mod?

    • Francois says:

      If the printer considers your toner already reached its limit, then it’s too late.

      Someone mentioned me a temporary way to re-enable printing: pressing power button for 30 sec.

      • Clay says:

        I see, so it is too late for me. My printer still prints but the red light blinks and the the “toner remaining” is zero. Thanks, I’ll look for another solution.

  53. Ron (Netherlands) says:

    Thanks. It works also for the CLP 325W (and therefore it should also work for the 320), although it has a different chip: the EEPROM installed is the 24512WP. You can follow the same directions as given here.

    some datasheet here:

    • Daniel says:

      I did the pin7 hack on my CLP-325W. All the counters are reset on restart, EXCEPT toner counters. Are you sure it is working on your printer?

  54. Color Prince says:


    A new much easier/always working solution is now available: a firmware modification.

    I did it with my printers (clp 315w, clx 3175, clp 325) and it works like a charm. Installing is really simple just double click the program and it installs a new firmware on your printer that does not check the cartridges and always works.

    If you need more info: colorprincetoner@gmail.com

  55. DAVE says:

    Having read all the modifications and hacks and tried a few without success I have been buying reset chips and toners and they work fine. the chip has sticky backing and just sticks on top of the old expired chip (or in the space if you have a starter cartridge). saves a lot of hassle !


    hope this link may help some of those who are not so good with technology !

  56. Maxwell says:


    I would like to know if the write protection would work on CLP-320 (i guess yes, then it woked on clp325, es somebody wrote), and if its needed to protect the chips on the cartridges, so they dont know they are depleating? If yes, how?

    Thaks a lot

    • Maxwell says:

      i guess: with a tape ??? but how serious is this monolog? :))) LOL

      • Maxwell says:

        Today my NEW clp320 has arrived. They did not send me the 320 but a 320N, LOL for the price of a normal 320. 😮

        I have the 4256bwp chip – desolded the seventh pin and solded a wire between the 7th and 8th pin. We will see…
        So long it runs normal…
        No problems, no error at all…
        What do you think? YES – it works !!!!!!

        • Maxwell says:

          Sorry, i forgot … THANK YOU VERY MUCH.:)

        • Maxwell says:

          Iv made my own site in Czech language fo r modding the CLP-320N used some pictures from here. Hope you will forgett me Francois??


          • sak says:


            This hack does NOT on CLP 320, after joining 7th and 8th pin:

            It Work’s resetting:
            Total Page count
            Total image count

            Fuser life
            Transfer Roller Life
            Transfer Belt Life

            Does NOT work on:
            [Toner Information]
            Page Count:
            Yellow: Page Counter keeps on increasing
            Magenta: Page Counter keeps on increasing
            Cyan: Page Counter keeps on increasing
            Black: Page Counter keeps on increasing

            Probably it’s need some more tweak

          • David says:

            Hi Max I have modified my 310 last year and it works fine but now I have a 320N. does this work on the 320 and is the mod exactly the same? one coment below your seems to say no?

          • David says:

            Total page count resets
            consumabless life resets
            Tonner information does not reset !!!!!
            imaging unit resets

            2465BWP in a different spot from my clp-310N

            any help would be appreciated.

          • Secula says:

            I have CLP-320 with 800 pages, and I’d like to reset the count, and refill the toners.
            Did anyone find the way?

  57. jonas detremerie says:


    As the method described did not work on my printer (clp315w) I tried something else. Its called a firmware fix. Basically its a firmware update for your printer wich installs an altered firmware. This firmware resets every time you power cycle the printer. It also does not reset my wifi settings every time I put it on/off.
    So far I am very pleased with this method and wanted to share it with the other people whom’s printer can not be reset with the method described above.


  58. Ebbe says:

    Thanks a lot for making this hack public.
    My CLP-300 had a page count of 567/207 color/Mono, and still on the original toner.
    Now my counter has stopped, and the toner i bought for backup, can loose the chips :-)
    Best regards Ebbe

  59. ihandyrepair says:

    hi guys
    I am checking the clp 320, the U1 chip 24C64WP is in different location. I can see it is between wires T2 CLT CN5 and Fuser CN10.
    is this the one that I can remove the pin 7 and join to pin 8?

    anyone have done this?

  60. aktari says:

    On the board clp-315 has a transistor, my transistor cannot work and number of it was cleaned please send me number of transistor my email askarimitari@yahoo.com.

  61. Andy says:

    Why go thru all the fuss. Remove the chip and afix it to the reader aperture so that electrical contact is even all around. The printer now ‘sees’ the same amount of toner all the time and the circuitry is happy. Use epoxy or some non corrosive adhesive. For good contact a piece of plastic the same size has chip could be used on it’s opposite face. Epoxy that on making sure the glue doesn’t leak into front circuitry. The tolerance of the plastic on the chip now needs to be subtracted from the canister. Dremel a small amount off on the flat without breaking through. If you do put a dop of dime store two part epoxy on the hole. Keep refilling canisters forever. When you run out of toner, like in the old days, the image will be affected, you’ll know.


  62. Johan Erasmus says:

    I’ve got a CLP315 . It keeps on telling me “INVALID YELLOW TONER”
    I’m with the 3rd new tonner and still it would not print due to this problem. How do I fix this.

  63. Andrew says:


    Connect the SD pin and ground to a switch button.
    hold switch after power on.
    after machine stops turning, release switch.
    print a sample page by holding down the go button.
    turn off the machine and turn on.

    Resetting the page counters.

  64. mart says:

    hello i have an clp-310n do you know why the drum unit get the resistor / fuse blown each time i repair it ?? it is a 56 ohm resistor 1/4 watts and or an 1/16 amps green fuse, i will make the eeprom mode described for a fulle reset, and tape the toner eeproms contacts too.

  65. Larry M says:

    The modification described here:
    works on all CLP-315s, with or without wireless. It may reset the wireless MAC address but that comes right back after a reboot. It also works regardless of whether the initial (chipless) cartridges have been exhausted or not. And it works with all cartridges, whether they have chips or not–you just have to put insulating tape over the chip contacts if present.

    The only downside is that when any one cartridge reports as empty, you have to reset counts for all four cartridges. This means that the only way you really know when a cartridge is empty is when printed pages are missing that color. That’s actually a benefit, since we know that the cartridge counts report as empty long before they are. And refilling becomes much simpler. Since you know the cartridge is exhausted, you simply add the entire bottle of refill toner.

  66. Elsa Picillo says:

    how do I put the plastic see thru thingy back on the paper tray because with this the printer will not work the 2 lights on the printer are the top orange one and the second from the top green one. Can you help please.

  67. Haha!
    I purchased this printer based on my research and the fact that this printer is an PC Magazine 2017 Editors Choice Award winner. Brother printers have been very reliable at work and having one at home just made sense. I was originally going to get monochrome only, but my Epson Artisan 835 ink cartridges were not lasting very long, so I found this printer was color. I Also purchased a high capacity toner cartridge and now print black and white 90% of the time and color only when I need it. This is a heavy printer and build quality is very high. The output is superb. I printed pictures of a white board from a meeting and the pictures were crisp, clean, and clear and color was accurate. Printing is FAST! Setup was relatively simple, once you setup the wireless LAN connection to your router, installing the software is a breeze on your computer! The touch screen is superb and works very well. I highly recommend this printer. It is a good value for a color printer and I am very happy with the purchase.
    Yolanda Pertling

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